2021 Competition

The 2021 competition will be held at St Mary’s Nottingham, Sat 25th September 2021


  • Simon Percy and Adam Brady

Test Piece

240 Erin Cinques

5341267890E  s5 8 9 10 11 12 13 s16  (20 sixes)
2314567890E  6 8 9 10 11 12 13  (20 sixes)


  • Birmingham Cathedral
  • Chester
  • Leicester
  • Melbourne
  • Nottingham
  • St Oulton’s
  • Welsh Colleges

Order of Events

  • Access to the church from 10am
  • Tea/coffee/soft drinks and bacon butties, plus a vegetarian option (probably pastries) available from then
  • Welcome from the vicar at 11am (in the church)
  • Draw to follow
  • First team at 11.30am
  • Photos of each band to take place after the draw
  • Barbecue available from 12 – 3pm
  • Beer and cider available from 12 (until it runs out!)
  • Tea/coffee/soft drinks and cakes available all day
  • Last team finishes at 3.30pm
  • Judge’s results likely to be 4.30pm
  • Everyone heads home!

Covid 19

Please do not attend if you have Covid symptoms.  It is recommended that individuals take a lateral flow test beforehand if possible.

Ventilation in the tower is good, with two large windows, two fans and a door to the open air that can be left open. The church is large and should allow plenty of opportunity for milling around without being crowded. There is also a small church yard.

Masks are not mandatory, there will be hand sanitizer in the ringing chamber. Social distancing is no longer mandatory but it is still recommended to keep a sensible distance where possible.